Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cuba grabs sixth Olympic medal

Eglys Cruz, shown here in photos by Trabajadores newspaper, took third in a women's shooting competition, giving Cuba a bronze medal, its sixth medal in the Olympics so far. Du Li of China won the gold in the competition.

I was looking for Eglys' biography and noticed that Yahoo! Sports lists Santiago de Cuba as Cuba's largest city. We all make mistakes, but geez, I wonder how they got that wrong. Havana is five times as big as Santiago.


leftside said...

A mini-controversy erupted last night after Cuba beat the US in baseball 4-3. The US coach Davey Johnson said he thought the Cuban pitcher intentionall tried to hurt a US player by throwing a pitch at his head. But as the NY Times admitted, "in truth, Lazo’s throw, however high-and-tight, did not seem dirty."

This sad event will not help Cuba-US relations. Cubans are justifiably pissed they would be accused of such malice and be shown such a lack of respect.

Other than that the game was amazing. The US-Cuba women's volleyball match was one to remember as well. The US-Cuba rivalry certainly does not hurt the Olympic drama...

alongthemalecon said...

The video clearly shows the ball hitting the bat, then shooting up and striking the batter in the head. I don't see how the pitcher could be blamed for that.