Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A valuable archive for Cuba stories

Kudos to Walter Lippmann for maintaining CubaNews, a Yahoo! group that has 1,248 members. CubaNews is a good place to find newspaper stories that have fallen off other web sites. I was reminded of that when looking for a piece that I wrote last month for the Houston Chronicle. I can't find it on the Chronicle site anymore, but CubaNews has it here.

Walter makes it clear he is sympathetic to the socialist regime, but accepts articles of all points of view. Introducing the story I wrote for the Chronicle, he wrote:
Tracey Eaton lived in Cuba for several years when the Dallas MORNING NEWS had a bureau there. He lived in a lovely house out in the Tarara suburb and often got around the city by motorcycle. This is an accurate snapshot of Cuba at the moment. -- Walter
Indeed, I had a motorcycle while in Cuba. Sitting on the 1600cc Yamaha Road Star motorcycle, pictured above, is someone who is much better looking than I am - she's my former Cuban office assistant, a very capable young lady named Anita "Anitica" Macias.


Walter Lippmann said...

Through the years, Tracey Eaton's name and articles have appeared in CubaNews at least 166 times. I've not always been as positive in my appraisals of his journalism as he is toward the service which the CubaNews list is trying to provide. I'm very grateful for his kind words and recognition of the value of the CubaNews list.

A good number of the journalists working the Cuba beat already subscribe to this list. I'm always happy to receive comments, criticisms, suggestions and corrections.

I make my share of mistakes, and appreciate the corrections as much as the words of praise. My greatest wish, beyond normalizing of US-Cuban relations, is that I would make fewer errors.

As the readers of CubaNew know, I post materials here which are at the sharpest variance from my own personal point of view. My goal here is for this to be an information service which those favoring normalization can draw from in their own work.

The archives are open to everyone and it tries to give a service to the public. It's been pleasantly surprising this year to run into people at academic events about Cuba and have them say they know the CubaNews list, and professors who tell their students to subscribe to get the information.

I really want the reader to WANT to subscribe, even if it IS a lot of material. I know most people don't read it all, and I'm not one who reads every word about athletic achievements or the prisoners at Guantanamo.

No human person could do that of course. I love receiving kind words such as these, but I'm happy to receive criticism and correction when it's needed.

Tracey Eaton's blog is a good addition to the resources we all need to follow the Cuban story.

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California

alongthemalecon said...

I've appreciated Walter's comments over the years. I don't think I'd ever been called a "bourgeois journalist" until he came along.
Now I never thought of myself as bourgeois journalist, but you know, I learn from people of all stripes and that certainly includes Walter.
He is passionate about Cuba and knows a heck of a lot about the island. So I always pay attention to what he says.
Writing about Cuba isn't easy. Some Cuban officials tell me I'm too hard on the government. And I think some U.S. officials - along with some of the hardliners in Miami - wish I'd be a little tougher.
In the end, I don't think I make anybody very happy - and I probably tick off a fair share of readers.
Asi es la vida. Journalism is history in a hurry. You do the best you can in the time you have. Then you just have to hit the send button.