Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Republicans on Cuba: More of the same

The Republican Party's position on Cuba is out - see Page 9 of this PDF. I'm having a little trouble seeing how Republican support for the ban on trade with Cuba and travel to the island is an expression of "solidarity" with political prisoners and "all the oppressed Cuban people." I haven't seen any polls or data showing that most Cubans support U.S.  economic sanctions. But I must say that the Republican position does show quite a flair for phrases describing Cuba and its allies. To wit: "malignant, "anachronistic regime" and "buffoonish."

For more on the subject, see the Cuban Triangle, Mambi Watch and Cuaderno de Cuba.


Mambi_Watch said...

Great posts today Tracey. I enjoyed them all. I'll definitely want to comment myself on the Gorki case on my blog.

What I find funny is that some who are supporting the cause of Gorki, and at the same time consider themselves "conservatives", are most likely biting their tongue about Gorki's nasty character.

Hosts on Radio Mambi for example pride themselves on being "traditional", devout and pure. The total opposite of what Gorki attempts to represent with his band.

But, it is all about freedom of expression right? I sometimes wonder if that's really true.

Mambi_Watch said...

To clarify those last two lines:

I personally support Gorki's music and his freedom of artistic expression. Free Gorki! But, my doubts are with those hard-liners in Miami who claim to defend such freedoms.

alongthemalecon said...

Thanks. On Gorki, I'm sure some Americans who support the musician's release would cringe if they knew the Spanish translation of the explicit language on the group's web site. It's nothing out of the ordinary when compared to some American rappers, for instance, but some of Porno para Ricardo's sexually oriented material seems a little graphic by the standards of Cuban and even American society.

leftside said...

And the drug use. I mean he was let out of prison after serving half his term for selling amphetemines to a security agent. I don't think Cuba has US style parole where one would have to stop using and blatantly flaunting his love of drugs, but that is exactly what he has been doing. I saw an interview with him once - I think on CNN - and he was wasted.

This "dangerousness" law is not my cup of tea but it appears it has been used before sort of in lieu of parole violations. Cuba, like most of Latin America, is quite harsh on drug use. It will be interesting what evidence the State pulls out tomorrow at trial. He has also appeared on US Government propoganda channel Radio Marti and the US funded Cuba Encuentro website, something which is also considered illegal in certain contexts.

alongthemalecon said...

Interesting. I didn't know Gorki had been accused of selling amphetamines.

leftside said...

Interesting. I didn't know Gorki had been accused of selling amphetamines.

No one does, unfortunately. Google news tells us that NONE of the currently 403 articles in the English press have mentioned the word amphetemines and the couple that mention drugs dismiss it as a Commie plot. He was jailed for his politics, we are told. That could be because there has been no real reporting on this issue - only reproduction of of statements that all come from one source - the "victim."

Turns out that most of everything we are witnessing is being engineered by a notorious (in the Cuban blogosphere) anti-Castro militant who also happens to be making exclusive money off the CDs (and donations). This person (charlie bravo) and his partner (kill castro) hosts PPR's website, does their PR, and were responsible for getting Gorki's video played in Miami and interviewed on CNN last year. This most recent "news" broke off their websites and they organized the protest "concert" on the Malecon tonight.

One of their maxims is written on the sidebar of their website (previous link) - There is ZERO tolerance for anyone who thinks KaSStro can be handled through diplomatic means. This is actually a guy who thinks the hard-line Babalu blog crowd are softies - and often spoke about plots he has brewing in Cuba. I always laughed at him until now. He has been cultivating this moment for 4 years.

Check that first link if nothing else - a deleted babalu blog post of behind the scenes emails. They provide a remarkable insight into all this and the hard exile right (blogosphere)... who are now on the world's stage using this "punk" (even yoani made an appearance at the staged "concert" tonight). The media will lap it all up again. But no one will ever know anything about the American who has been behind it all from the start.

You can watch PPRs videos produced by bravo "videos" here. I like punk rock, but this has to be some of the worst music I've ever heard (that voice!). Rather humourous viewing though.