Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Top dissident leaves Ladies in White

I was surprised to learn that Miriam Leiva, pictured above, has left Ladies in White, a dissident group she helped found. But then again, in hindsight, I'm not so surprised. I saw Miriam briefly in July 2008 at her home in Havana. I began asking her about what had been going on in Cuba, how the government was doing with Raul Castro in charge, how the economy looked to her, etc. But she was eager to let her husband, Oscar Espinosa Chepe, pictured above, do the talking. I got the impression Miriam wanted to avoid the limelight.

Maybe the Cuban government has been pressuring her. Or perhaps she fears her husband will be returned to prison if she doesn't tone down her opposition activities. What's certain is that dissidents don't have an easy time in Cuba.

Here is a story Miriam wrote about the Ladies in White in 2006.


leftside said...

My guess is that she did not care for the more confrontational stance the group has taken in recent months. She was notably absent at the second "sit-in" in la Plaza de la Revolution a few months ago. I also remember her saying to the press that no one was hurt or mistreated in that event, while other members of the group were claiming to have been pushed and shoved by security forces. The group has also been getting cozier with the more despised elements of Miami, which really does not rub most Cubans the right way.

alongthemalecon said...

Interesting observations. I'll bet you're right. Thanks