Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trading with the enemy?

Reuters is reporting that the United States is now Cuba's fifth-largest trading partner. Why? Because sales of food and agriculture products to Cuba climbed to $582 million, from $484 million.

On the streets of Cuba, sometimes it's hard to know what comes from the United States and what is grown or raised locally. The men pictured above sell pork and sausage at a market in Guanabo, east of Havana.

But what about the blockade? asks Babalu Blog.

That "blockade" must be be pretty porous, Babalu Blog says. Someone care to explain to me how the fifth largest training partner of a country is reason for all of that country's ills?


Al Godar said...

I have included your blog in my list of : Blogs Sobre Cuba
Al Godar

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leftside said...

To answer the Babalu crowd is simple. All we are talking about is food trade here. Food that is charged at a premium due the extensive regulations involved in selling to Cuba. Everything else - everything - has to come from much further abroad. And even many international products are now owned by Americans. Finally, Cuba certainly does not blame all their ills on the embargo. I don't know if Raul has even mentioned it, despite the billions it costs Cuba.

I would also add that the increase in dollar amounts this year probably does not correspond to much more actual food. It is a result of higher food prices (due to the idiotic biofuel policy of the US... just as Fidel predicted).

alongthemalecon said...

Leftside - good points. I believe the Cuban gov't must spend more than $1 billion extra for food just because of rising costs