Friday, August 29, 2008

Who makes money off the punker Gorki?

Gorki the Cuban punk rocker is scheduled to go on trial today. Cuban authorities picked him up the other day for "dangerousness" - the idea that he might commit a crime in the future.
His case has drawn international attention. What hasn't drawn so much attention is the fact that there is some controversy over fundraising done on Gorki's behalf without the permission his group, Porno para Ricardo, shown above in a photo taken from the group's site.

In a message to Along the Malecon, leftside says:
Turns out that most of everything we are witnessing is being engineered by a notorious (in the Cuban blogosphere) anti-Castro militant who also happens to be making exclusive money off the CDs (and donations). This person (charlie bravo) and his partner (kill castro) hosts PPR's website, does their PR, and were responsible for getting Gorki's video played in Miami and interviewed on CNN last year. This most recent "news" broke off their websites and they organized the protest "concert" on the Malecon tonight.
It's kind of a tangled mess and I haven't sorted it all out. But if you are interested in reading more, you might start here.

The site says in Spanish, below, that it has not authorized any fundraising campaigns on Gorki's behalf.
IMPORTANTE: El sitio de NO ha autorizado ninguna campaña de donaciones a nombre de Gorki. Si desean donar dinero lo deben hacer exclusivamente a traves de este sitio a menos que se especifique lo contrario.
Porno para Ricardo does accept donations apparently and its web site this morning said it had raised $467.

In case you've never heard Porno para Ricardo's music, you can watch videos here.


leftside said...

Digging deeper into the group's website I have also found out that this "punk rocker" recently performed at the house of a US Diplomat in Cuba. So we can confirm at least 3 collaborations with the US Government or its entities. What an "apolitical" rebel this guy is. Playing for diplomats is hardcore!

Having had personal contact with the people behind all this, I have little doubt that the expert provacatuers in the most repugnant corners of the exile community encouraged Gorki to push the envelope and develop links with the US government (and broadcast his drug use and piss off his neighbors) in order to get him arrested and create this "scandal."

Anonymous said...

Get on your wheels for some, dude.
KillCastro is not involved in running Porno Para Ricardo's site. I won't tell you who does, because.... your bosses from Havana need to do their work for themselves.
I do not sell the CDs or make some profit from it.
Let me tell you how it works: and independent company prints them, ships them, and all the proceeds go to the band. Maybe you should buy them and you will notice that in the labels.
Yes, being hardcore in Cuba includes to be banned from everywhere. So they play wherever the hell they are invited to play, and ultimately wherever they want to play. If you don't like it tough, baby.
As per the second paragraph of your comment, it's so puerile, so stupid, that I am still laughing at it.
Oh.... before you start with your Miami shit, please get a grip. We don't live in Miami, and we are also demonized by some Miami bloggers.
And now, go have a life. Leftside, I heard that Gorki has an extra bedroom in his apartment, maybe you can crash there so you know what his life is and what his world is like.