Friday, September 12, 2008

Coca-Cola of Forgetfulness

Heart-breaking images continue to pour out of Cuba after two devastating hurricanes. The situation is critical. Thousands of people are without homes and do not have enough to eat, according to this report, in Spanish.

Cuban journalist Mercedes Santos writes on her blog:
This is not the time to drink the Coca-Cola of forgetfulness, nor is it the time for political or ideological differences; we must overcome hate, personal resentments. It is Cuba, the land where we were all born, where we grew up, of our family and where our dead are, it is Cuba that is suffering, Cuba to whom we must give our love and solidarity, above whatever differences we have.
(Credit for quickie translation: Sandra Levinson, who has traveled to Cuba more than 300 times and is executive director of the Center for Cuban Studies in New York City).

If you're wondering about the phrase, "Coca-Cola of forgetfulness," or "Coca-Cola of forgetting," here's an explanation in English and another in Spanish.

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