Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pubic, I mean, public art in Cuba

People find all kinds of ways to protest, rebel and express themselves in Cuba. By far, the most unusual expressions I've seen have come from a group called OMNI-Zona Franca. Members show their disagreement with the socialist regime through surprising and creative displays of public - and sometimes pubic - art. Yes, members of the group sometimes use nudity to get a point across. A snippet of that can be seen in this YouTube video, around the four-minute mark.

When I saw the group, members stripped to their underwear and spent several hours rolling around on the floor, reading poetry and banging out musical rhythms on old manual typewriters. It was a fascinating performance to watch and I mentioned the group in a story I wrote for the Dallas Morning News in 2004. They're mentioned in a more recent Christian Science Monitor story here.

Alamar Express is a 2007 documentary about the group, which has had some tangles with the police for their displays. "For those who love freedom," says a blurb about the 57-minute documentary, outlined in this YouTube video.


Manuel A.Tellechea said...

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