Friday, November 28, 2008

Generación Y's Yoani Sánchez wants human rights, not awards

Yoani Sánchez won another big prize for her blog, Generación Y, which has pushed new boundaries in Cuba,

She won top award in the Best of the Blogs competition, or BOBs, the largest international Weblog competition. Deutsche Welle, the German International Broadcasting Service, founded the contest in 2004.
The jury said that Sánchez gives voice to an entire generation of Cubans and provides the world with a window into Cuba through her clear and poetic writing.

In addition to a slew of other obstacles in her way, Sánchez can't even post her own entries to the blog. Instead she is forced to e-mail them to friends outside of Cuba in order for her words to go online. Despite the challenges she has to overcome, she's managed to keep in contact with her readers and create a huge international community around her work.
Sánchez posted a YouTube video offering thanks for the award. She wrote, "Well, yes, there is much that I still need. These aren't precisely awards, but rights that have been overlooked for a long time, like the right to be read within my own country."

Bloggers por un sueno posted photos of the jury. Cuban Colada and Penultimos Dias joined many blogs posting comments on Thursday.

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Muchacho Enfermo said...

Yay for posting about Yoani!
Also... nice blog... just stumbled upon it with the next blog button. I've got a lot of reading to do, but I'll probably get through everything soon! Hope you don't mind if I post comments every now and again.