Saturday, November 8, 2008

Here we go again: Hurricane Paloma strikes Cuba

Image credit: OSEI.
Gustav and Ike caused $8 billion* in damage in Cuba, not the $5 billion that has been widely reported, Fidel Castro wrote in a column published today. And more destruction is expected with Hurricane Paloma, Castro wrote in a column called The Third Hurricane.
It’s raining on farming areas absolutely drenched by the recent rainfalls. The water reservoirs filled up to almost full capacity due to hurricanes Gustav and Ike will be releasing water on cultivated fields and valleys. 
After countless hours of labor, many crops almost ready for harvesting as well as fuel, seeds, fertilizers, herbicides and the work of the equipment used to urgently grow food will again be lost. Once again destruction will revisit highways, roads and other works in various provinces of the country.
Even if the winds from Paloma aren't devastating, the rain could pound buildings and crops.
A lot of homes and apartments throughout the island are in bad shape as it is, as the photos below illustrate. More rain and wind can't help.

A upper level floor of a Havana apartment. Careful where you step...

You just might fall in.

* Estimates vary. The Associated Press says the official damage estimate is $9.4 billion.

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