Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wanted: Cuban writer for massive 192-country blog

A blog called Topics from 192 Countries is recruiting bloggers from around the world.

The blog's author wonders if people from vastly different nations, cultures, societies and political views can cooperate together to write one massive blog.

My guess: They'll all kill each other.

Just kidding. It's a noble effort. I'm for anything that creates greater understanding and tolerance among people of different nations and cultures.
Dozens of writers have signed up so far, but Topics from 192 Countries is still looking for bloggers from such countries as Paraguay, Pakistan, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Russia, Cuba and many others.
A photo from the blog is above.


JaneyRuth Ramirez said...

Oh, the chick in the pic is a goddess!


alongthemalecon said...

yeah, quite an outfit, too