Friday, December 5, 2008

Cuban-American activist says she's not a Cuban agent, sues her accuser (updated)

The spy game: Poking around in the shadows

Silvia Wilhelm, a Cuban-American activist who has pushed to loosen U.S. economic sanctions, is suing Chris Simmons, a former U.S. Army Reserve counterintelligence officer. She says that he went on a Spanish-language TV program called A Mano Limpia in October and falsely and maliciously identified her as an agent or former agent of Cuba's socialist government.

Cuaderno de Cuba posted court documents in the case. Wilhelm, pictured below in these photos I shamelessly swiped from the Internet, is asking for compensation in excess of $75,000.

I have not seen a response from Simmons, shown in this El Nuevo Herald photo
Update: Mambi Watch posted details on the lawyers who are getting involved in the case.

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