Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cuban Harlistas rumbling along in February issue of American Rider

American Rider published a story I wrote about Cuba's Harley-Davidson riders. The magazine's editors were great to work with. And I'm going to make sure the Harlistas in Havana get a copy of the magazine. They are a dedicated bunch of bikers and they sure go through hell to keep their motorcycles running.


Unknown said...

we are an Italian Movie production company that have released an high definition documentary about the MOCLA and riders in Cuba. There are no words to describe the passion of those harlistas who rides and keep alive their vintage models since early 40'.
We have taken pics of those unique Harley Davidson that cannot leave Cuba (due to Embargo)togheter with interviews to their riders and to Louis Enrique, the MOCLA president.
For more info and if you want to join us, please take a vist to www.cubanharlistas.com or our community on

all the best!

alongthemalecon said...

Your Web site looks great. Thanks for passing it along. Best of luck with your project. Tracey

Unknown said...

Hey Tracey! Just wanted to drop in and say hello from American Rider! Hope everything is going good with you and the Harlistas!

- Chelsea Adams
American Rider magazine Managing Editor