Monday, December 1, 2008

Is Hillary Clinton a "me, too" Democrat?

The Cuba Journal calls Hillary Clinton a "me too" Democrat when it comes to Cuba:
You can expect her to try to set pre-conditions in future talks with Cuba. She will fall flat on her face. Those pre-conditions will not be accepted by the Cuban government. They will be rejected.
But her 'me, too' tendencies could also work in favor anti-embargo forces. If Barack Obama pushes for a loosening of economic sanctions, Clinton just may line up behind him and say, "Me, too."


The Resistance said...

I doubt very much that either Barack or Hillary would be in favor of loosening the embargo of Cuba. Remember that because of the HUGE MISTAKE of President Bill Clinton in signing into law the infamous Helms-Burton Act, the president's hands are now tied. He would have to send a message to Congress asking them to relax or lift the embargo. The President can no longer lift the embargo by an executive order.

If Hillary or Barack are in favor of either relaxing or lifting the embargo I would gladly join them in a new party called the "ME TOO PARTY."

alongthemalecon said...

Good point about Helms-Burton. The new president can only do so much. It takes Congress to do the heavy lifting. But Obama can set the tone and push for a new approach toward Cuba. We'll see what happens. Obama has a full plate.