Friday, January 23, 2009

Cuban pooch makes urgent phone call. Requests Milk-Bones. Gets put on hold.

Tricks for tourists near the old Johnson Pharmacy in Havana


Anonymous said...

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alongthemalecon said...

sure, we can xlinks. thanks. tracey

Los Perros said...
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Los Perros said...

Very nice Tracey.
There seems to be more and more use of dogs to earn a few CUC.

There is another gentleman that works Vieja with a couple of dachshunds. He and his dogs have government ID permitting them to do what they do.
The guy on Obispo you featured is a "freelancer".

alongthemalecon said...

Los Perros,
You must be right. I saw quite a few dogs helping their owners make a few CUCs during my last trip to Cuba.
The Obispo dog and his handler were both in pretty ragged shape. It didn't look like the dog got much TLC. I guess the owner must use his proceeds for rum or some other libation because it doesn't look like the dog is eating much.
This straggly dog is nothing like the dachshunds you mention - el Pillo Chocolate and el Coco. They seem well fed and well cared for and by now they've achieved a certain level of celebrity.