Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Early days of Fidel Castro (Updated)

A friend in Cuba showed me a small collection of old photos. I scanned several of them and share them here as rumors swirl about the Cuban leader's health. I don't have any photo credit information. Apologies to the photographers for that.

Note: An alert reader of Penultimos Dias noticed something interesting in the third photo down - all the school boys' ears are huge. It's true. Click on the image to see a better view. The reader said the Jesuit teachers at Castro's school must have tugged really hard on the students' ears for them to look so big.

Fidel Castro, above, at 15.
Castro and his dog.
Castro is in the front row, bottom right - an X marks the spot.
Fidel Castro and then-wife Mirta Diaz Balart. That must be their son, Fidelito.

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