Friday, January 23, 2009

Forget about e-mail: Cuban diplomat hops on plane to deliver Castro photo

This is a high-resolution photo of Fidel Castro and Argentine President Cristina Fernandez. I downloaded the photo from the Argentine presidency's official Web site. But the photos weren't taken by anyone from the Fernandez entourage. They were shot by the Cubans and later delivered to Fernandez.
At Fidel Castro's request, Cuban diplomat Alejandro Gonzalez Galeano made a special trip to Caracas to catch up with Fernandez as she dined with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Gonzalez then delivered the photos to Fernandez, Cuba's state-run Juventud Rebelde newspaper reported today.
This would seem to demonstrate that even during state visits, Cuban officials exercise careful control over photos taken of Fidel Castro and how they are distributed.

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