Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pirata -- Puppy tales from Cuba, Part III (Updated)

Pirata, our dog in Cuba, died suddenly over the weekend. He was the friendly, high-spirited son of two street dogs in Tarara. It's unclear what struck him down at just five years of age. I just saw him and he seemed healthy and strong - certainly strong enough to antagonize all the cats in his neighborhood.
Update: The word from Cuba is that someone apparently poisoned the dog. No details on who or why.
Pirata and his sister, Rosita, were inseparable. Now she seems lonely and mopes around, wondering what happened to her lifelong companion.
No one knows what became of Pirata's dad, Negrito. My guess is that the dog catchers got him in Tarara several years ago. Canadian tourists fell in love with Pirata's mom, Blanquita, and took her to their home in the chilly north. More on that in Puppy tales from Cuba, Part 1, and Blan Blan -- Puppy tales from Cuba, Part 2.
This is Rosita running around in Alamar before her brother suddenly left her side this weekend.
Rosita, left, and Pirata mix it up during their younger days in Tarara.
Rest in peace, Pirata. May the cats be plentiful wherever you are.

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Unknown said...

no one likes to post they wont go there because the dogs are being poisoned, some of us like dogs more then humans, especially those humans who murder dogs