Monday, January 26, 2009

Tale of the Pierced Man

Are these photos hard to look at or is it just me?
In September 2008, I wrote about Luis Antonio Aguero, a Cuban man who wanted to set the world record for number of face piercings. Readers wrote in, questioning whether Luis was still alive. I can report that he is alive, though not so well.
In 2004, he told me he was riding the back of a motorcycle when it crashed in the town of Guanabo, east of Havana.
Luis said he was coming back from a wedding and everyone had been drinking. He said he learned the hard way that drinking and driving don't mix.
"Drinking and driving is terrible," he said. "Don't do it."
He was along Opispo Street when I saw him, taking in tips from tourists who snapped his picture.
He said he no longer holds the Guinness World Record for face piercings. Someone broke his record. Worse yet, during the motorcycle accident, his right leg was caught between the cycle's chain and the rear tire and had to be amputated. But Luis was getting around OK, on crutches.

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