Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Carnival Cup: Cuba vs. Brazil

Rio dancers, above.

Rio's Carnival ended today. This is off topic, I know. But seeing images of the lavish parades in Rio makes me wonder what the carnival parades would be like in Cuba if there were more money floating around.
In Brazil, samba schools spend as much as $2.5 million to produce 80-minute parades, according to this AP story. Can you imagine what Cubans could do with that kind of money?

More Rio dancers. All Brazil photos shamelessly swiped from other Web sites.

Cubans, like the one below, manage to put on a heck of a show with almost no money. Many of the dancers' costumes are handcrafted, made from scratch. They're not as bold and shiny as the costumes in Rio. There is less gold and less glitter at Cuban carnivals.
Rio's a different story, of course. The carnival is big, as big as Brazil.

Both photos, above, are from Santiago de Cuba, 2008


Maximilien Roux said...

I def. need a press pass to Cuba after seeing those pics lol...Great Job Eaton

alongthemalecon said...

You can do it, Max. Here's the Web site for Cuba's International Press Center in Havana. It's the starting point for press credentials.

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