Friday, February 6, 2009

Celebrated Cuban diver would rather be a fish

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Deborah Andollo is a legendary Cuban diver who set 15 world records from 1992 to 2002 in submersion diving.
She once dived 379 feet on a single breath of air.
"We're fighters," she told me. "We like to push ourselves to the max."
A video of her preparing for a dive - along with some details on her incredible career - can be found here.
Five-foot-four Andollo spent 12 years on Cuba's national synchronised swimming team before dedicating herself to submersion diving. She is now president of the Cuban Federation of Underwater Activities, according to this story.
She was one of my neighbors when I lived in Cuba.
"Sometimes I wish I were a fish," she told me. "Actually, I'm very jealous of them."
A 2-minute 55-second video clip is below. The underwater images of her diving are great. There's just one problem: The narrative is in Japanese.


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