Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Offbeat Cuban art exhibit

Isolation, hardship and a lack of materials help breed creativity. I shot these pictures at an art exhibit in Cuba. The bathtubs, buckets, pails and other containers above are evidently aimed at catching water from a leaky roof. I don't know what the artist was thinking, but wonder if this was supposed to be a metaphor for the socialist government or the country.
An artist's towel
Cut-out of a woman's nipple stapled to something else. I have no idea what the artist was going for here.
Vintage turntable
Sputnik and more


www.soflusion said...

This is great, we can only hope that Cuban art can find more ways of finding global exposure. There is a great article about contemporary cuban artists and their struggle to get their work exposed on www.soflusion.com under the title "Cuando Las Cosas No Son Del Alma."


Tracey Eaton said...

You're right. The more exposure, the better.
Thanks for the tip on the article. I'll check it out.
By the way, I learned a little more about the offbeat exhibit and described it in some detail here.