Thursday, March 5, 2009

Looking down on a sharp blade

Both Carlos Lage and Felipe Perez Roque submitted letters of resignation to President Raul Castro. Perez Roque came right to the point:
I fully acknowledge that I committed errors... I assume my total responsibility for them. With loyalty and modesty, I shall continue to defend the Revolution, to whose principles and ideals I am and shall forever be fully committed. I reiterate my fidelity to Fidel, to you and to our Party.
Lage also fell on the sword quickly and efficiently:
I acknowledge the errors committed and assume the responsibility. You may be sure that my new post will be an opportunity to continue serving the Revolution and I shall forever, as heretofore, remain faithful to the Party, Fidel and you.
I wonder if the outside world will ever know what the accusations were. I know that while Cuban officials live somewhat better than the rest, they don't have an easy time. I've known of Cuban diplomats who earn just $300 to $350 per month while posted abroad.

One official told me he was embarrassed because after paying all his bills and expenses, he didn't have money leftover for such essentials as business shirts and ties.

No doubt, Cuban officials face many temptations and sometimes cross the line. My question is: Why enforce the rules now? What happened?

Was it an economic crime? Or a political misdeed? Leftside, a reader of The Cuban Triangle, suggested that perhaps the two were "trying to cut deals behind the backs of the Revolution..." 

Interesting thought.

Perez Roque's letter in Granma
Lage's letter in Granma

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