Thursday, April 30, 2009

Heart on the sleeve and a Bush on your face

Caricatures are a natural part of politics and you can often find them at mass rallies in Cuba. The character, above left, is John Bolton, a conservative Bush administration ally who caused a stir in 2001 when he said Cuba was capable of producing biological weapons.
That looks like a George Bush caricature, above right.
John Bolton: Wearing your heart on your sleeve and a Bush - I mean, a mustache - on your face
I shot the top picture at a huge May Day rally in Havana in 2001. Eight years later, Barack Obama has signaled that he'll take a different approach toward Cuba. Perhaps Cuba ought to stow some of the anti-American costumes and paraphernalia - at least until seeing if the two countries are going to move any closer toward reconciliation.
I know civility is not in fashion these days, especially when it comes to U.S.-Cuba relations. But a little less country-bashing would be refreshing.

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