Friday, April 17, 2009

Run, run, run

A child plays on a beach east of Havana

Cuba has more than 200 beaches. So which is best one? Well, no one agrees on that. But here is a sample of the debate.
Frommer's - No. 1 choice? Playa Paraíso and Playa Sirena. "These two connected beaches are the most outstanding of the uniformly spectacular beaches that stretch the length of Cayo Largo del Sur."
Best Beaches in Cuba - an entire Web site devoted to the topic. "Cuba is simply a paradise for beach lovers. There are few places in the world with as many beaches as Cuba and as beautiful as the ones in this amazing Caribbean Island."
Captivating Cuba - Top Five: 1. Santa Maria 2. Varadero 3. Cayo Coco 4. Guardalavaca 5. Cayo Largo
Destination360 - Among this Web site's observations: "Curiously enough, finding a topless beach in Cuba is not as hard as it used to be."
My choice? Not that you're asking, but I like just about anything that's off-the-beaten path. I like beaches with character, color and originality, authentic places where there are few foreigners and no big hotels.

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