Thursday, April 30, 2009

The pink undie request line is now open

Orlando Luis Pardo. Source of photo: Boring Home Utopics

If you are hankering for a picture of some long lost building, street corner or person, then Orlando Luis Pardo is your man. He writes:
You are invited to personalize my utopictures. Just @sk me which slice of Habana you want me to shoot. Then give me time to breathe and break my own boring burdens. At the end most of your wishes will be published back in this collective bluff. We’ll be living like in a fairy web. Funny jpg tales from our paradise lost and fond (if not found). Let me know what you miss most, including Habana people, and in revenge I will cut this city in pieces of pics for you.
The photo request line is now open

Source of photo: Boring Home Utopics.

Orlando's Web site is called Boring Home Utopics. He says he also offers high-resolution photos suitable for printing. He says it's a "money-free transaction." He'll send you the photo if you send him a magazine, newspaper or book.

Orlando describes himself as a "wrong writer and postographer" living and resisting in "Habanaught, Cuba."

According to his Web site, he edits an e-zine called The Revolution Evening Post, and has published several books: Collage Karaoke (Letras Cubanas, 2001), Empezar de Cero (Extramuros, 2001), Ipatrías (Unicornio, 2005), Mi nombre es William Saroyan (Abril, 2006) and Boring Home (digitally domestic, 2009).

There are plenty of photos on Orlando's site. Describing the two photos below, he writes something about "kinky pinks and protruding gargoyles." He has an eye for detail, it seems.

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