Friday, May 8, 2009

Another White House aide bites the dust

Lovely photo. Our tax dollars at work.

Another White House aide has skedaddled, but this one isn't Cuban.
Louis Caldera quit over the photo-op that triggered a Sept. 11-like panic in Lower Manhattan on April 27.
Caldera, a former Army secretary, is a Mexican-American who led the White House Military Office. He took responsibility for the photo shoot of Air Force One flying over New York. Estimated cost to taxpayers: $328,835 to $357,012 or about what a Walmart cashier earns in 20 years.

Here's the same pricey photo as it appeared, cropped and Photoshopped, in The Guardian.

The view from the ground that day. Photo credit: Jason McLane / Associated Press

Another White House photo of Air Force One. I wonder how much this little baby cost us.
Another White House aide, Felipe Sixto, resigned last year after he was accused of stealing more than a half million dollars in pro-democracy funds for Cuba. A Cuban-American, he worked for then-President George Bush.

Felipe Sixto case: All because of those #!%#& Chinese radios

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