Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gas guzzler of the skies

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The Antonov AN-2 is "a monstrosity," says. is the largest single engine bi-plane ever built. And built it was, Russia produced 5,000 examples, Poland produced 12,000 and China, well no one really knows how many China produced but presumably oodles of An-2s noodle over the skies of China. An-2s are still being produced in occasional odd lots.
The plane is "a big, fuel hungry bird" that "gulps oil by the gallon all while plodding through the sky at 100 mph," says.

Cuba has 41 of the planes, the Cuban Aviation Web site says. One crashed in 2002, killing 17 people, according to The dead included six Canadians, five British citizens, four Cubans and two Germans, the Associated Press reported.

But the plane doesn't fall out of the sky easily, says.
The An-2 is happy to fly along at 35 mph and because the top wing is fitted with slats, an An-2 really won’t will just start to sink if it is flown too slowly, but it won’t truly stall.
 Cayo Largo excursions
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