Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day in Havana: A sea of humanity

The Guardian newspaper, based in London, published an 11-photo slide show of the May Day festivities in Havana.  Four of those pictures are posted here.
Raul Castro led Friday's rally, but left the main speaking duties to Salvador Valdes Mesa, general secretary of the Cuban Union of Workers, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary.
Valdes Mesa stressed unity and resistance, and urged Cubans to work harder and produce more.
Work harder? I can't imagine that message going over too well in a nation where people earn the equivalent of $18 or $20 or so a month and struggle to survive.
Hundreds of thousands of people marched in Havana. I haven't seen any crowd counts yet. The Cuban press was reporting that 200,000 also took to the streets in the central city of Holguin. These numbers are difficult to verify.
Question: Is the baseball player in blue about to smack Uncle Sam in the huevos?

EuroNews video clip
ACN, a Cuban news agency

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