Sunday, May 10, 2009

Now they're calling Yoani a "Pentagon babe"

Castro loyalists strike back

Rosa Miriam Elizalde, a Cuban journalist, claims that well-financed forces intent on toppling the socialist government are behind the meteoric rise of Yoani Sanchez. Here is the story in English and in Spanish.
A detailed response from Ernesto Hernandez Busto, editor of Penultimos Dias, is here. He is a Barcelona-based Cuban writer who supports Yoani and her quest for freedom of expression.

P.S. Machetera's response to Ernesto Hernandez is here and includes an English translation of what Ernesto said for those who don't speaka da lingo.


machetera said...

Hmm, I wonder how many readers of your English language blog are going to understand that marvelous response by Ernesto Hernández Busto. Considering it's in Spanish and all. You could of course refer them to the version he had someone translate into English, at, although you might risk revealing to your readers how weak his arguments really are. But that shouldn't scare you so much. Aren't you recovering journalists supposed to at least pretend to be interested in both sides?

alongthemalecon said...

Thanks for sending that link. I added it to the post. Now I am going to scold my staff for the glaring omission.
I just love yelling at myself. You know, it's one of those recovering journalist things :)