Thursday, June 4, 2009

Artist could use a little more hair - and a visa, too

A Fuster classic

Jose Fuster, a Cuban artist nicknamed "Picasso of the Caribbean," has been invited to a showing of his art in New York. Now all he needs is a visa.

Fuster gets an impromtu wig

Another sample of Fuster's work

The Cuban Art Space in New York is holding a reception today June 4 to kick off a six-week exhibit of Fuster's paintings, watercolors and ceramics. Cuban Art Space director Sandra Levinson said:
Fuster was last in New York City before the Bush administration, which effectively cut off almost all artist visits to the United States.
I hope the State Department grants the visa. It's this kind of people-to-people contact that can improve relations between countries. Levinson said even if he misses the exhibit's opening, he's welcome to visit.
...The center has assured Fuster that he can arrive anytime during his six-week exhibit and it will hold a second reception.
Fuster at his home

Fuster began in art in 1961 at the age of 14. His home studio has become an international tourist attraction. Said Levinson:
What started as an experiment in his own home - adding ceramic tiles to every wall, filling the small lawn in front of his tiny home with ceramic palm trees... - has extended to dozens of buildings within the town.

He ... began painting and adding ceramics to every home willing to accept his art. Most recently he unveiled a monument to the five Cubans who have been in prison in the United States for ten years.
Fuster has fans from nations around the world, including the United States. Here, he poses in the courtyard behind the U.S. ambassador's residence in Havana.

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