Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cuban teacher speaks and sings in reverse. egnartS!

The latest bizarre story from Cuba: A teacher who can sing and talk backwards.
She doesn't just rearrange the words, for instance, from "La Bodeguita del Medio" to "Medio del Bodeguita La."
She makes it:
"aL atiugedoB led oideM"
The teacher, Lilian Alvarez Cera, teaches piano and harmony in Holguín. Penultimos Dias spotted a December 2008 radio report about her. She tells the interviewer that saying someone's name in reverse is a game children play in Cuba. But Alvarez has taken it to extremes.
She said her students are curious about her astonishing ability and ask her to say their names or the date and other things in reverse.
During the radio interview, the host recited quotes from Jose Marti and Alvarez quickly repeated them backwards, rearranging the words and letters in her head.
The language she has created doesn't sound much like Spanish at all. It sounds like something entirely different.
The radio station suggested that the teacher's special ability may lead to a Guinness World Record.
The only problem with this peculiar reverse language, a Cuban friend pointed out, is that Alvarez can't really converse with anyone.
"Who's going to understand her?" my friend asked.


A Cuban In London said...

That's handy for when you want to talk about 'you know who' :-).

Greetings from London.

alongthemalecon said...

Yeah, it saves you the trouble of scratching your imaginary beard or swiping your fingers across the imaginary military stripes on your shoulder...