Thursday, June 11, 2009

Former colleague: Kendall Myers "seemed like an absent-minded professor," not a spy

Photo credit: Daily News

Accused spy Kendall Myers "had a fascination with Northern Ireland" and hoped to become U.S. ambassador to Ireland, London's Daily Telegraph reported.
Myers, 72, also traveled "to the British Isles and met British and Irish officials, senior Northern Ireland politicians and intelligence officers," the newspaper said.
The paper quoted a former colleague as saying Myer was a beloved figure in the State Department. The ex-colleague said:
He seemed like an absent-minded professor with a scholarly view of the world rather than being involved in espionage. Kendall was anti-Bush but 90 percent of the people in this building are, too. He seemed to have a romantic view of the world and.
He was kind, he always helped people out and he had lots of friends. He was like a jovial character out of an English book, always having a fun sailing story.
The newspaper also quoted Baron Bew of Donegore, a member of the House of Lords who hosted Myers in Belfast. Dew said:
Kendall was open and pleasant and he asked questions. He had a certain W.A.S.P. [White Anglo Saxon Protestant] charm. He reminded me of J. K. Galbraith walking along the Backs at Cambridge – tall and slightly stooped. I liked him.
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