Wednesday, June 10, 2009

French beat Americans in Hemingway fishing tournament

Ernest Hemingway's boat captain, the late Gregorio Fuentes

A French team, Marlin X, won the 59th Ernest Hemingway International Billfish Tournament, which ended earlier this month.

Three American teams competed: Wet Dream, Brittney Jean and Bright Hour. Wet Dream was leading after the first day, and wound up taking second place. A team called Havana from Spain finished third, according to the Cuban News Agency, ACN by its Spanish initials.

Fuentes told me he never returned to the sea after Hemingway killed himself on July 2, 1961
A boat flies an American flag at the Hemingway Marina, on the western edge of Havana.

Organizers said 21 teams from 12 countries participated in the Hemingway billfish contest. The tournament, founded on May 26, 1950, is the oldest of its kind.



M. Denise C. said...

That is so awesome that you got to interview Gregorio Fuentes! Great pics and of pics within pics.

alongthemalecon said...

Thanks! He was quite a character, still smoking cigars and drinking liquor when I saw him.