Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to Pepe Milésima and the other Harlistas

Mildrem, left, brushes her dog, named Harley.
Mildrem's father is Sergio Morales, one of Cuba's top Harley mechanics and an apprentice of the late Pepe Milésima.

Today in Havana Harley Davidson riders pay tribute to Jose Lorenzo Cortez, better known as Pepe Milésima, a legendary motorcycle mechanic.
Milésima means "thousandth" in Spanish and it's a reference to the mechanic's penchant for precision.
Mechanics are gods in Cuba because they somehow manage to keep half-century-old cars and motorcycles running. Pepe died on Father's Day and today riders will climb onto their old American machines and rumble off to the Colón Cemetery to remember Pepe.

I'm taking a spin on my Harley today, too. I'll be thinking of Pepe Milésima, Sergio and the rest of the Harlistas across the Florida Straits.

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