Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lonely Planet: "Trinidad lives up to all the tourist brochure hype"

This is Varadero.

And this is "Varadero in reverse."

Trinidad was founded in 1514. It is "quaint, compact and easy to get to know...," Lonely Planet says.

The city was declared a World Heritage site in 1988. Lonely Planet calls it "Cuba's oldest and most enchanting 'outdoor museum.' It says Trinidad: one of the few tourist sites on the island where locals and foreigners can mix in a way that is both relaxed and unguarded. And with more than 300 casas particulares and only three decent city-center hotels, cross-cultural interaction is positively encouraged, creating a kind of Varadero in reverse.
Not far away is Casilda Bay, a popular spot for snorkers and divers.

French Angelfish with a little pal

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