Friday, June 5, 2009

Walter Myers clashed with the State Department (updated)

Accused spy Walter Kendall Myers embarrassed the Bush administration in 2006 when he said U.S. officials typically "ignored" Britain and had a "very one-sided relationship" with Tony Blair. Myers said:
We typically ignore them and take no notice. We say, 'There are the Brits coming to tell us how to run our empire. Let's park them'. It is a sad business and I don't think it does them justice.
Myers made those comments during a lecture at the School of Advanced International Studies, part of Johns Hopkins University.
A State Department spokesman told London's Telegraph:
The views expressed by Mr Myers in no way represent the views of the United States government.
Political ideology, not money, evidently motivated Myers.

Update: In 2008, someone listed as Walter Myers in Ashburn, Va., donated $250 to Barack Obama's presidential campaign, Red Mass Group reports. Conservatives are having fun with this one.

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