Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gwen Myers' South Dakota home

The Trebilcock home in Aberdeen, S.D. One resident said this is the same home where Gwen Myers raised her children decades ago.
Town population in 2007: 24,410.

Accused spy Gwen Myers lived an unremarkable life in rural South Dakota before Cuban agents recruited her and her husband, Kendall Myers.

Gwen Myers' ex-husband, Chuck Trebilcock, told the Sioux Falls Argus Leader:
We lived very ordinary lives. This all caught me by surprise.
Trebilcock said his ex-wife went to high school in nearby Yankton, S.D. Among her classmates was Tom Brokaw, former anchor for NBC Nightly News.

Gwen Myers, whose maiden name is Steingraber, was born in Sioux City, Iowa. She lived in several Iowa towns before moving to Yankton - population 13,643 - while she was in high school, Trebilcock said.

Trebilcock met her in Yankton and married her on Nov. 26, 1955, in Elk Point, S.D.

The Argus Leader said Chuck Trebilcock moved from Yankton to Aberdeen in 1959 to work as a salesman in the family business, Engel Music.

Engel Music Supply on South Main Street in Aberdeen

The newspaper described Gwen as "a housewife raising four children in relative anonymity in Aberdeen."

The two split up on May 17, 1973.

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