Thursday, August 20, 2009

Psst...hey, buddy... Wanna a Ford Fairlane?

For sale: Ford Fairlane

Yoani Sanchez' complaints today about the lack of bulletin boards in Cuba reminded me that I needed to post the pictures of this 1959 Ford Fairlane.
I was at la Piragua near the Hotel Nacional one day when a stranger approached and asked if I would put pictures of his car on the Web.

Asking price: $15,000

Rudy Proenza explained that he needs to sell his two-door Ford Fairlane because he has a growing family - children and a wife - and he wants to sell the car so he can buy a house.
So, a bit belatedly, I'm posting pictures of his Ford, which he said he wants to sell for $15,000. He said:
It's all original. It has the original motor.
In case you are interested in the car, Proenza said you can call him at his home in Havana - 260-4535 - or at work - 860-8501. (The country code is 53 and the city code, 7).

The interior

I suppose this is the kind of information that could go on a bulletin board or in the classified ads in a lot of countries.
I haven't looked around for bulletin boards in Cuba, although I remember seeing handwritten real estate ads taped to a window in a town outside Havana - I can't remember where.
There are prohibitions on buying and selling of property in Cuba, but the trading of property is allowed and it's a bustling enterprise.

The body style on this Ford is the Galaxie

Ads for land and homes can be found at Revolico, kind of a Cuban-style craigslist. Yoani Sanchez mentioned that site in her post today. She also cited another one -


craigslist ought to start a Cuba listing. That might be a great way to call attention to U.S. ban on trade with Cuba.
For now, I don't believe any Cuba cities are on craigslist. All I found was an ad from someone willing to pay for "good quality dead, properly dried insects from Caribbean Islands, esp. Cuba." The ad said:
I am looking for butterflies and beetles. I will pay upon receiving specimen in A1 condition. If you are needing to help feed or support your family, this is a good way of making an income, with insects that you see everyday. Please contact me immediately.
I guess I'll have to remember that the next time I'm in Havana. I wonder how much I could get for a Blaberus craniifer.

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