Friday, August 21, 2009

Rollerblading an "extreme sport" in Cuba

Cuba has world-class athletes in dozens of sports. Rollerblading isn't terribly common, at least not yet.
A September 2007 article in Juventud Rebelde said about 3,000 young Cubans practiced rollerblading, skateboarding and other "extreme sports." Coming up with enough money to pay for equipment is a problem, the newspaper quoted sports officials as saying.
These inline skaters were training on a road outside Havana.


kenan said...

Me not being able to ride a rollerblade so its safe to say its an extreme sport. Trish Stratus

d said...

Does anyone have any more current info on rollerblading in Cuba? Any Cuban clubs, teams, etc?

Tracey Eaton said...

d - a recent article in Cuba mentions a new TV show inspired by extreme sports. here's a link to that story:

You might ask the Skateboards for Cuba folks if they have any new info. They are mentioned in this story:

best of luck