Sunday, August 23, 2009

Skype reported blocked in Cuba, expats furious

A message on Revolico says Skype has been blocked in Cuba since Aug. 9. The message calls the measure "hostile and abusive" and says Cubans living outside Cuba no longer have cheap way to keep in touch with their relatives on the island. The message says:
Something has to be done...they can't do this to us....let's not quit until they return Skype to us.
Cuban expats are upset, saying they can't reach their relatives via Skype

The message blames ENET, which is the Internet company for the state-run phone company, ETECSA. I haven't seen whether ENET has responded to the complaint.

Companies in such countries as Belize, Brazil, Mexico, China, Colombia, Cuba and Panama block Skype, but users can unblock the service using VPN technology, according to this Web site. It explains:
...You can utilize the VPN technology to by-pass the installed censorship filter and unblock Skype. You can either setup your own VPN server or buy VPN access from existing VPN service providers on the market. You can also strengthen the security while using VPN connection on the road because the communication between the VPN server and you is always encrypted.


Ivacy said...

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Tracey Eaton said...

Thanks for passing that along.

yuvutu said...

VPN is probably the best way around a skype block.


Jack said...

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