Monday, August 24, 2009

Walking everywhere, living longer

Burning calories
Cubans walk everywhere and it helps them stay fit. That must contribute to Cubans' average life expectancy - 75 years for men, almost 80 for women.
The average is 77.45 for men and women, ranking 55th in the world, according to the CIA's World Factbook. Life expectancy in the U.S. averages 78.11 and ranks 50th.
The woman and child shown above were walking past the Partagas Cigar Factory, behind the Capitolio.
Partagas, along Calle Industria, is reputed to be Cuba's oldest cigar factory.


br3tero said...

I noticed the heavier types take the bike taxis to get around.

Tracey Eaton said...

I don't know about that, but I think I lost weight on my last trip to Cuba. All the walking around and it was hot, too, so I sweated like crazy

br3tero said...

C'mon, as an American in Cuba, you should notice everything.

The place has made me hyper-aware.

2 steps out of the house and I can spot the Lada assigned to watching me, out of a string of 8 cars. A look to the left and another is standing on the corner by the dumpster.

I notice the viejas with cigars who charge 1 peso for a snapshot, also take the bike taxis home to Centro.

br3tero said...

Here's another reason to keep walking.