Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another way to search for nuggets about Cuba

Missiles in Cuba, 1962

Docstoc is yet another place to find photos and reports about Cuba. The Web site, launched in November 2007, contains a searchable database of more than five million public documents.
I found the aerial photo, above, on the site. There are also PowerPoint presentations, Excel and Word documents and more.
You can upload your own documents and earn money based on the number of times other users download the material.
Documents on the site include, for instance, a 2007 report on the demand for tourism in Cuba.


Por Palestina said...

bull shit!!! tu eres un asqueroso gringo, ni siquiera puedes decir la palabra bloqueo, asqueroso!! que te piensas que eres el neo colonialista? white trash! no se por que google recomendo esta porqueria

Nico said...

I know you're cool man, this guy is obviously an idiot

Tracey Eaton said...

Thanks. It's a free world (kind of). And I think it's great that people express themselves.
It would be pretty boring if we all agreed with each other and had the same thoughts.