Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Coming soon: A new Oliver Stone interview with Fidel Castro

Oliver Stone has evidently interviewed Fidel Castro again. A video promo on YouTube says their conversation will appear on the TeleSur network "very soon."
The 29-second promo is a little garbled and doesn't reveal anything about the content of the interview. In one sound bite, Fidel Castro tells Oliver Stone that people are capable of "great heroism."
No doubt, Fidel Castro has his eye on history and his legacy. He wants to talk. He wants to tell his story. He has - we all know - strong opinions. And I think he'll talk and write as much as his health allows.
Stone is a Castro admirer. He once said, "Fidel is one of the wisest men I know; he's a survivor and a Quijote," according to an article in CubaDebate.
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