Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Harass Congress Day

Danny Glover meets a young Cuban fan, a boy who was chomping on a sandwich when the Hollywood star walked out of the Parque Central Hotel and stepped across the sidewalk to board a tour bus in Havana.

Wanna end the ban on travel to Cuba? Anyone can take part in a national campaign to pester, hound, harangue, harass and even annoy your representative in Congress.
All you have to do is call a member of Congress on Wednesday September 30. The number for the congressional switchboard is (202) 224-3121.
Now if you're not quite sure what to say, scream or yell, the Latin America Working Group has come up with some talking points. They are:
* All Americans should have the RIGHT to travel to Cuba
* A MAJORITY of Americans, a majority of Cuban Americans, and Cuban political dissidents want the travel ban to end
* Major religious and human rights groups say ending the travel ban will help the Cuban people
* After 50 years, it is time to CHANGE our policy toward Cuba – starting with ending the travel ban for all Americans
The Latin America Working Group, founded in 1983, organized the call-in campaign, called CubaGo!
The working group is a coalition of dozens of organizations. You may recognize some of the groups - Global Exchange, Oxfam America and the American Friends Service Committee.

Supporters include Danny Glover, who said in YouTube video:
On Sept. 30, call your congressman, call your friends to call their congressman. CubaGo, to end the ban on Cuba, for all travelers, not just artists, all travelers. It's an important step in creating the atmosphere for creating the foundation for normalization of relationships with Cuba. Thank you.
Lethal Weapon star is pushing for end to travel ban

For more information, check out the CubaGo! site and download a tool kit containing all you'll need to help end the travel ban.

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