Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cuban food rations to vanish?

Cover of a ration book

Cuba's socialist government may abandon the ration books it has used to help feed people since 1962, the Associated Press reported earlier this month.

Pescado y huevos. Fish and eggs.

According to the Cuba Blog, here's what Cubans are entitled to each month:
3.5 kilos of rice (7.15 pounds)
2.5 kilos of sugar (5.5 pounds)
Half a kilo of beans (1.1 pounds)
230 grams of cooking oil (8.10 ounces)
10 eggs
460 grams of spaghetti pasta (16.22 ounces)
230 grams of soy bean past (8.10 ounces)
115 grams of coffee (4 ounces)
1 loaf of bread (125 grams) (daily) (4.4 ounces)
Lazaro Barreda of Granma newspaper wrote:
The ration booklet was a necessity at one time, but it has become an impediment to the collective decisions the nation must take.
Many Cubans complain that they can't live off what the ration book provides. At the same time, many earn just $20 per month and say they need the food subsidy to survive. I wonder how much political fallout there would be if the libreta is eliminated.

Back cover of a ration book

Cuba’s Food & Agriculture Situation Report, USDA, March 2008

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