Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cuban phones: Can you hear me now? What?

A Cuban woman talks into a broken public phone along Calle Obispo. The phone worked only when she spoke into the earpiece, instead of the mouthpiece. It has been replaced since the photo was taken.
Here's a newer version of a public phone in Havana.

ETECSA, the Cuban phone company, is kind of like the country's socialist system: It's a work in progress.
The company says when it comes to service, clients should remember that ETECSA, like any human endeavor, is "not perfect, for which we ask for your understanding and support."
But workers are constantly trying to improve the company, an ETECSA Web site says.

ETECSA has a searchable database of phone numbers here.
Cubans line up to see if the phone company has finally given them a phone line.
A Cuban woman talks into a cell phone near the beach at Tarara, east of Havana.

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