Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Few signs of anti-Americanism in Cuba

Fidel Castro: "We could have a great friend in the people of the United States."
Oct. 19, 1959, speech to Bank Federation workers

Anyone who has traveled to Cuba knows that Cuban people are friendly. What's amazing to me is that they treat Americans so well.
I've experienced very little anti-Americanism while living and working in Cuba. It's practically the opposite: Cubans welcome their neighbors to the north.
Most Cubans don't blame ordinary Americans for the U.S. government's policies toward Cuba. And they know that rising numbers of Americans favor normalized relations with Cuba.
Even a majority of Cuban-Americans favor allowing all Americans to travel to Cuba freely, according to a new Bendixen & Associates poll I saw on Phil Peters' Cuban Triangle blog.
So what are U.S. lawmakers waiting for?

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