Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mothers and sons

Mirta Rodriguez, the mother of Antonio Guerrero, was among those arriving for the resentencing of the Cuban agent. Rodriguez arrived from Havana. Photo credit: Alan Diaz/Associated Press
Also attending Tuesday's proceedings was Mirta Costa, whose son and three other Cuban exiles were killed when Cuban fighter jets shot down two Brothers to the Rescue planes near the island in 1996.
Brothers to the Rescue is a pro-democracy group that opposes Cuba's socialist government. Costa told the AP that she agreed with the judge's sentencing of Guerrero. She said:
I feel sorry for his mother, but those were crimes that were very serious and very big, and they destroyed families.
Cameras weren't allowed in the federal courtroom on Tuesday. Artist Shirley Henderson provided this sketch of Guerrero.
Credit: Associated Press
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