Thursday, October 22, 2009

New blog dedicated to unearthing government secrets


The National Security Archive, a non-profit research organization that has uncovered important and historic documents related to Cuba, has a new blog. It's called Unredacted The National Security Archive, Unedited and Uncensored. The blog's creators write:
The Archive's own experience with thousands of Freedom of Information Act and Mandatory Declassification Review requests provides a wealth of data and fundamental lessons that we hope to share with you.
Here are links to some of the group's Cuba-related briefing books:
* Luis Posada Carriles - Bomber's Confessions Point to Explosives Hidden in Toothpaste Tube that Brought Down Civilian Airliner in 1976
* Robert F. Kennedy urged lifting of travel ban to Cuba in 1963
* Secret Kissinger Era reports on Ending "Perpetual Antagonism" may hold Lessons for Obama Administration

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